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Boris & Melvin in Bilbao, Spain

Boris, a retiree from Germany, and Melvin, a four years old boxer, live since 2015 in Portugal. First in the Algarve and since June 2016 in the north of Portugal near Ponte de Lima. They  were lucky to have found a house with garden to rent. It is not easy to own a dog in Portugal, if you have to rent. Although by law it is allowed to have a pet in your home, many Landlords don´t want that. It is not possible to take your dog to a bus or train. Also you can´t go to a hotel or restaurant with a dog. This makes traveling complicated. You have to have a car or like them owning an Ape 50. The Ape 50 is a three-wheel vehicle with maximum speed of 40 km/h. They traveled from March to June 2016 over 10.000 km throughout Portugal , to Germany and back to Portugal in this vehicle and this blog is about their trips and adventures.

Cabo da Roca & Ursa Beach in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Portugal

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