The smallest Lidl storefront in the world, Pintxos , Beer and dog food

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In San Sebastian, Spain close to the French border, I was looking to find a Lidl store. My smartphone showed me two Lidl´s, one close by were I just was. I was driving around to find it and was looking for the typical Lidl with a big sign and large parking lot. But it was in the middle of the city with small streets and lots of traffic. I asked two or three people where the Lidl is nearby, everybody said around the corner. But I still couldn´t see a Lidl sign. At the end a  lady I asked again said come with me I show you the store. And there it was. I must have driven by there several times, the sign was so small and it was not lit, it was a Sunday evening. The lady said its not open today. I told  her I knew. I need to go  there tomorrow morning for beer and dog food. At that evening I went to a bar for a beer and Pintxos . San Sebastian is a very beautiful city, expensive and very busy. Every street sign is written in two languages, Spanish and Basque, which doesn´t make it easier to navigate through. Well next morning I got my Beer and Melvins Food. The beer in Spain is very cheap and it was on sale too. A 0,33l can for 0.20 cents, so I got enough for my trip through France for a week, where beer is more expensive, in fact all is more expensive there.




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